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Action against Militants in Paris


Paris: French police arrested three militants and Two militants killed in north Paris on Wednesday, after the reaction of Paris incident. Two others militants including a woman who blew herself were also killed in the centre of Saint-Denis. Right after Paris incident, a black feeling in direction of Islam exists in France. The operation targeted at the suspected mastermind of Friday’s damaging strikes in Paris, Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who has been active along with the IS group in Syria, the source explained. The raid started before morning, at about 04:30 am, on an flat at the crossroads of Rue de la Republique and Rue Corbillon.

The raid came as Europe was put on high alert after video footage from the scene of one of Friday’s strikes exposed a 9th suspect may take part.

It had not been clear if the ninth man was one of two suspected accomplices arrested in Belgium or was on the move, probably with 26-year-old fugitive Frenchman Salah Abdeslam who taken part in the strikes together with his suicide-bomber brother Brahim.

Police also performed raids in southwestern France, in Ariege, Toulouse and the department of the Haute-Garonne.


The operations were part of an anti-terrorism technique and not the probe into the Paris, an detective told AFP. Along with French and Russian jets pounded IS targets in the group’s Syrian stronghold of Raqa for a third consecutive day.



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  1. good news and this operation should be continue till end of terrorism.

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