Tuesday , 22 May 2018
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Alert with Facebook Hackers


sexual-commentAlert with hackers in Facebook. A public message to all Facebook users who daily use Facebook. Now a days hackers again try to trap the users with a sexual content and the users attract and try to open the link then the link will be submitted with your name.


A comment you see someone has made will be a link to a video of some kind of a sexual nature. If you click the link, it will hack your page so the comments you make from then on will show up as that link.

So please avoid such links to click so you can prevent yourself from hack the account.

We already noticed such hacking ways last year when sexual thumbnails links attract users and they click and in few minutes the links shared in friends wall.

The above picture for guidelines. If you see such links in comments the never click on it.

The link title would be [Video] Kim Kardashian Sexy

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