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Ayyan Ali provides important proofs of $500,000


Model Ayyan Ali who is detained in the IRS evasion case has submitted confirmation of how she had obtained $500,000.

Ayyan Ali was captured from the Islamabad Airport on March 14 by traditions authorities blamed for endeavoring to pirate $500,000 to Dubai. An IRS evasion argument was documented against Ayyan and she was sent on a 14-day legal remand to Adiala imprison in Rawalpindi.


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The confirmation of securing the cash was submitted to the traditions group examining the case. The verification contains a letter from a private property organization which traces an arrangement which prompted the model obtaining the cash.

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An exchange articulation relating to the offer of property arrangement was likewise given to the examination group.

The model has kept up that she gained the cash legitimately through a property bargain yet was unconscious of Customs principles.

The evidence gave by Ayyan Ali will be displayed in court on March 28.

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