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blasphemy_lawIt is a law which stops and prohibited the freedom of people to speak against other religions or disregard to the respectable religious personalities or their religious thoughts and believes. In many countries Blasphemy is severely restricted and those who feel disgrace are given relief and favor by their governments. But now in liberal countries Blasphemy  act has been cancelled and they have allowed their people the freedom of expression.  In United Kingdom (UK) this act of blasphemy has been cancelled but in some countries like Afghanistan, it is an offence and severe punishments and penalties including upto hanging is allowed. I n Algeria, where the population is totally Muslim, 10 years sentence for blasphemy is to be given. I n European countries  blasphemy is not a criminal offence, however religious insult is forbidden in many countries  like Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Italy, Norway etc.

In India, being a dominated Hinduism has also a blasphemy law which restrict all the religious communities like Hindus, Sikh, Christians and Muslims not to commit religious insult and according of Indian Penal Code 295A, an imprisonment of either 3 years or fine will be imposed.


Blasphemy-Islam-640x480Pakistan is an Islamic Republic State and most of its population is muslim and due to it, there are strict blasphemy laws in Pakistan. Being a muslim state, protection of Islamic values  is the prime responsibility with the help of these blasphemy laws. According to Pakistan Penal Code, blasphemy is strictly discouraged and prohibited and penalties from fine to death is provided against any recognized religion. According to a survey in March 2014 in daily Nation, 68% of Pakistani people showed their interest for changes in blasphemy laws because there are many differences  in these laws but it has strongly resisted by Islamic activits and Islamic parties and two most prominent figures namely Prior Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer and Former Federal Minister of Minorities Shehbaz Bhatti were killed due to their resistence for blasphemy laws. Due to increased pressure of Islamic parties, the Prime Minister Yousaf Raz Gillani in 2012 has said that there will be no changes and amendments in Blasphemy Laws.

There are many blasphemy laws in Pakistan Criminal Code like Section 295 which stops to damage religious buildings and scared worship objects. Section 295B forbids ridicule and defiling the Holy Quran which has a sentence of imprisonment of life and Sec.295C forbid the arrogance of Holy Prophet MUHAMMAD (pbuh) which has a sentence of death with or without fine. These laws are upto Sec 298C.

In last 20 years there are more than 600  people, wherein more than 50% non-muslims were charged against blasphemy offence. Federal Shariat Court (FSC) has the powers to amend any rule and law which is contarary to the injunctions of Islam and in 1990 FSC has changed the Sec 295C from life time sentence to death for defaming of Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh).

Pakistan has strictly opposed the blasphemy and being active in promoting global freedom of religion and for this purpose Pakistan has presented a resolution in March 2009 in UNO, wherein it has been suggested and stressed on International Community to make laws against defamation of religion and religious personalities. Pakistan is very much vigilant regarding blasphemy and resultantly it has blocked access to face book and U-Tube due to their improper behaviour towards our Holy Prophet. Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr.Tassaduq Hussain Jillani has said according to Pakistan Penal Code Article 295 offence against any religion comes under the Blasphemy Law.

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