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Who is Blogger Salman Haider? Founder of Bhensa, Mochi and Roshni Facebook Pages

Who is Blogger Salman Haider Founder of Bhensa, Mochi and Roshni Facebook Pages

Salman Haider, blogger, human right and social media activist and Gender Study lecturer of Fatimah Jinnah Women University, is missing from Islamabad for last six days. This news must be going through from your eyes during using the Facebook account. Salman Haider has been alleged for running anti-Islam pages over …

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Waqar Zaka in Syria Helping Syrian People

Waqar Zaka in Syria Celebrating New Year 2017

Waqar Zaka is seriously an amazing personality in Pakistan. At one side he dared to host the shows like Living on the Edge, give bold stance against celebrities on various issues and at other he goes to help out the Burma Muslims and this time he is in Syria. The …

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Panama Papers about Hidden Property of PM Nawaz Sharif


WikiLeaks on the hidden wealth of top nations leadership that started from the Panama Papers are the hot discussion on every TV screen and from domestic to international media. The credibility of those charged with the governance of the legislation of the country is at stake now. A couple of …

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Now buy Online Pakistan Railway Tickets


The substantial advancement in technology has forced the numerous public sectors to change the way of working from standard approaches to the very sophisticated working design. Just like the majority of the general public fields, Pakistan Railway is additionally on the route of introducing the electronic ticketing software eligible year. …

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Action against Militants in Paris


Paris: French police arrested three militants and Two militants killed in north Paris on Wednesday, after the reaction of Paris incident. Two others militants including a woman who blew herself were also killed in the centre of Saint-Denis. Right after Paris incident, a black feeling in direction of Islam exists …

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Attack on Muslim woman in London


Muslim woman injured when man throw her into oncoming underground train in London. CCTV footage shows the guy standing right behind the woman just before throw her on the way of the train just arrival. The incident happened at Piccadilly Circus station on a Bakerloo line platform just before 4:10pm …

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Heavy Rain forecast in Saudi Arab cities


JEDDAH: A cool movement is predicted to hit the Saudi Arab cities within the next few days, causing a high drop in temperature, rain and unstable climate conditions, explained climate researcher Mohammed Al-Ghamdi. The affected regions could be in the northern part of the country and along the coast, including …

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France react after Paris incident, Attack on IS in Syria

france- attack- on-IS

PARIS: France jet plane attacked on Islamic State’s stronghold place in Syria after militants attack on Paris in which 129 people dead in different places of Paris. French police launched a picture of a suspect also required in Belgium where it is suspected the attacks may have been prepared. Twelve …

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IAF chief worry over security challenges


NEW DELHI: China, Pakistan and Naxalites are main threats,  Indian Air Force (IAF), Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, India’s Chief of Air Staff, said here on Tuesday. IAF chief said “China has expanded its financial and army links with all of our neighbours. Quick infrastructure advancement is taking set up …

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Due to external factors Russian Airline crashed


Due to external factors Russian Airline Jet Passengers crashed on air in Egypt because of some video proof is release from  Islamic State(IS)which shows how they shot down aircraft.                             Alexander Smirnov, a senior official at Kogalymavia …

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