Thursday , 19 January 2017
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Attack on Jamshaid Dasti During his Brother Election Compaign

Jamshed Dasti injured when four people attack on him and try to kill him, he got injured on his head and now he is in hospital. His secretary Asif Mujahid also injured. Attackers run away now police doing raid to arrest them. This happened  Sanawa, near Muzaffer Ghar during his …

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Zaid Hamid Exposed by Former Secretary Emaad Khalid

Zaid Hamid who well known Security Analysis. In electronic media he defend Pakistan very effectively but another impression about him, his relation with Yousuf Kazzab which make his personality doubtful. In different programs of current issues he defend Pakistan army and Pakistan but here Emaad Khalid who was the his …

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Dacoits Caught and Beaten Badly By People

Unemployment increasing day by day and in the result corruption, frustration and  robbery percentage increasing day by day. Tolerance percentage decreasing and in the result people behavior become so furious. In this video another example of lake of tolerance and increment robberies. 

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Investigation with Altaf Hussain at Crucial Point

Some sources told that Altaf Hussain may arrested by London Police according to Pakistani time 4:30 PM. UK official told that they will arrest MQM chief any time. Rumors about arresting of Altaf Hussain popular in Social Media from yesterday. Its expecting that MQM chief will arrested in the cases …

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Talat Hussain Article: India Mein Jang Ka Raqs


Talat Hussain is one of the best journalist in Pakistan who talk neutral. His recent Article which publish on opened eyes. Must Read because informative.

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BOL Channel Offering Great Packages To Anchor Persons And Journalist


BOL another addition in electronic media which offering great salary packages to the journalists and famous top anchors of different channels like Kamran Khan, Talat Hussain, Shahzeb Khanzada, Jasmine Manzoor and many others news casters. According to a website BOL channel owner is Malik Riaz who is property tycoon. According …

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Funny Pictures Regarding Sikander Hayat on Social Media

After Yesterday drama which happened in Islamabad by an armed man who name Sikander hayat hostage whole Islamabad with his wife and two children. Now in social media people make fun of him and government and calling GTA(Grand theft Auto) in Islamabad. 😛 Here are some pictures collection from social …

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Rana Sana Ullah About Zumrad Khan Action

rana snaullah

Rana Sana Ullah who is the Law Minister of federal Government of Punjab said talking with media Its totally failure of Islamabad Police to fail handle a single armed man. Zumrad Khan action was courageous but not Intelligent it was idiotic. He also said that Zumrad Khan not trained person …

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Ex President Gen Perverz Musharraf Defending ISI Video


Ex president and army chief General Pervez Musharaf who rule the Pakistan almost more than eight years defending ISI and insulting CIA in front of them with solid proof. He insult the CIA by taking 9/11 incident and said 9/11 incident is the example of total failure of CIA. Here …

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500 Million Legal Notice Issue to Moulana Fazl ur Rehman by Imran Khan


Cold war still on course and in reply PTI chairman Imran Khan’s lawyer Hamid Khan issued a legal notice for Moulana Fazl ur Rehman which about 500 million that’s the 50 Crore. In this noticed its mention Moulana Fazl ur Rehman during talk to media in a private channel claims …

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