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Donate to Edhi Foundation Step by Step Guide


Edhi Foundation is one of the largest NGOs in Pakistan that was founded by the Late Abdul Sattar Edhi. Abdul Sattar Edhi was the man who created one of the largest welfare organizations and private ambulance networks of the world. He devoted his entire life for the well-being of poor Pakistanis and those who can’t even afford a meal of two times for their self and their child.donate2

After the death of Abdul Sattar Edhi, Edhi Foundation is continuously witnessing the drop in the donation that is a sign of red alert for the leading welfare organization in the country. Edhi Foundation has several ways to accept the donations from its national and international donors. The international donations to the organization can be made through proper channels as it doesn’t accept the funding directly made by the foreign governments.slideshow04

The donation to Edhi Foundation can be made from Rs. 5 to hundreds, thousands and even millions of rupees. The donation collected by the foundation are spent for the social activities currently being carried out by the Edhi Foundation across multiple fields in multiple areas of the country. Edhi Foundation accepts the donations from all the masses of the country. The donations to the foundation can also be made in the form of food, medicines, clothing and even animal hides as well.slideshow05


Method to Donate Edhi Foundation

Donation to Edhi Foundation can be made by following two ways

  • Donation Through Banks
  • Donation Through Credit Cards

Donation Through Banks

Following are the authorized banks for making donations through bank

  • Askari Bank Ltd
  • United Bank Ltd
  • MCB Bank
  • Habib Bank Ltd
  • Allied Bank Ltd
  • Faysal Bank Ltd
  • Bank Al-Habib Ltd
  • Bank Alfalah Ltd
  • Habibmetro Bank Ltd
  • Al-Baraka Bank
  • Silk Bank Ltd

The donors of U.K, USA, Australia and Germany can also make the donations through credit card. Here is the link for making payment from other countries https://edhi.org/index.php/online-donations. The amount donated by the donors will be converting into the currency of the donor and then get deducted from their credit card.

Donation Through Credit Cards

In order to make a donation via credit cards, use the below-mentioned donation link.



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