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Elegant Tattoo Designs 2017


As compared to the black mehndi designs on the body, tattoos are more popular in people of all ages. Forming designs with a tattoo is different from getting by way of black mehndi or other mehndi colors. In this form of body modification, the tattoo expert inserts the colorful inks, either temporary or indelible, into the primary layer of the skin to change the pigment.

There are five different types of tattoos that we are going to mentioned below:

  • Natural Tattoos or Traumatic Tattoos
  • Professional Tattoos
  • Cosmetic Tattoos
  • Permanent Tattoos
  • Medical Tattoos

The impact and symbolism of tattoos vary according to cultures and places. Overall these show how a person feels about a relative or unrelated person. In this modern era, most of the fashionable people and those who want to look different, want to get tattooed for cosmetic, religious, artistic, magical and other reasons.


In some culture and nation, many believe that these tattoos have magical qualities and protect the bearers from evil forces as well. But nowadays getting decorative tattooing is more common as compared to the classic and vintage era.

In Pakistan, it is also common among teenage to get tattooed on hands, arms, and feet. However, still, there is no culture of getting tattooed on entire body or a complete coverage of tattoo on any part. The people here like to get small designs as compared to covering the whole part.

Here we are presenting some famous and decorative tattoo style that you can easily have on your hands, shoulder, feet and arms. But before going for these designs, make it sure you are not facing the skin allergy issues at all otherwise it can lead to skin cancer as well. Moreover, always select the expert person to get tattoo design.

Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Hands, Arms, Feet, and Shoulders

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