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Fawad Khan Profile


Name: Fawad Afzal Khan

DOB: 29 November 1981

Family: Sadaf Fawad Khan(Wife), Ayaan Khan(Son)

Lived: Lahore Pakistan

Education: A levels from LGS and Bachelors from National University Of Computer and Emerging Sciences(FAST, Lahore).

He is a Pakistani drama and film actor, model and singer. He began his musical career of the group’s business paradigm. He along with Ali Ahmed butt and zulifiqar.J. Khan founded the band in Lahore. Originally, the company and the paradigm of two different underground bands. Ahmad Ali was the butt of the company and fawad Khan was the paradigm.

Fawad Khan now going to performing role in a bolly wood movie with Sonum Kapoor.

TV Serials:

  • Dil Dey Kay Jayein Gey’ (2000)
  • Satrangi (2008)
  • Jeevan Ki Rahoon Mei (2009)
  • Daastaan (2010)
  • Akbari Asghari (2010)
  • Humsafar (2011)
  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai (2012)
  • Ashk (2012)
  • Zindagi Gulzar Hai


  • Khuda key liye (Shoaib Mansoor)
  • Khoobsorat (Bollywood)


  • Head and Shoulders(Shampoo)
  • Sprite Zero
  • pepsi twist
  • jazz
  • Talkshawk 2012
  • Q Mobiles 2012

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