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Geo banned over attempt blasphemy by Cable operators


Jang-and-Geo-group-are-going-to-be-bbanned-in-pakistanOn 14th May, 2014, a morning show hosted by Dr.Shaista Wahidi on Geo channel named Utho Jago Pakistan has presented a Qawali during a stage marriage program of well known film star Veena Malik with his husband Asad Bashir Khatak. The Qawali was basically written on the marriage of Amir-ul-Momineen Hazarat Ali (R.A). With daughter of Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and Khatoon-Janat Hazrat Fatima (R.A). This show was severally criticized by people of all circles and Mubashir Luqman of ARY channel in his program (Khara Such) has also criticized on his channel had tried to make a situation to create disgust and curse for his Raval channel Geo.

Geo channel was already in crises since the attack on its anchor person Hamid Mir as the same attack was alleged on ISI and its chief Genrel Zahir-ul-Islam by the Geo channel, due to which public and people of Pakistan were already against Geo channel and were protesting for the ban of the channel. Meanwhile, this incident of Qawali was happened in the morning show which broken into flame and flair up the feelings of the people and all the communities of people started protest and procession against Geo channel and a group of Muftians of Sunni Ithad Council headed by Shahbzada Hamid Raza had issued of FATFA that looking of Geo channel transmission is Haram. Imran Khan of PTI has also announced the boycott of Geo channel.


Although the host of the program Dr.Shaista Wahidi and famous scholar and anchor person Dr.Amir Liaquat has admitted their fault and sought apology and excuse for this act of un-intentionally and un-knowingly but some group of people are still not agreed with their apology while a number of elegant Ulmas and religious figures have said that sorrow and excuse is the only way for conclusion of this sad incident.

Religious leaders strongly condemned Geo T..V for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims of Pakistan by playing Qawali and the participants of the program danced on this Qawali which was very un-pardonable act by Geo channel and on ARY channel in its show called Khara Such of Mubashar Luqman many Sunni and Shea leaders strongly condemned Geo T.V and urged PEMRA for totally banned on Geo T.V channel in Pakistan. They added that Geo has attempted blasphemy by disgracing the family of Prophet (P.B.U.H).

Meanwhile Geo T.V has suspended Shaista Wahidi and all the team of Utho Jago Pkaistan till further action and she is likely to flee the country due to death threats. A petition has also been filed in Supreme Court for this blasphemy attempt by Sunni Ithad Council against Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman, Shaista Wahidi, Veena Malik and Asad Khan Khatak. Protest against Jang and Geo group still continued by civil society, lawyers and religious parties and rallies/processions are in progress.


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