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History of All Missing Planes


missing-planeIn the early days when there was no advance technology like wireless communications, GPS and latest investigation system which are now a standard for planes, the instances of missing planes were common, particularly those planes which were either single or double sitter and were normally chartered planes, but some following instances of passengers/military and carbo flights were found missing.
About 100 aircraft have been found missing since 1948 and not yet been recovered in 1994 a very big leader named Miller was traveling from Bradford to Paris. He flew from South East England and his aircraft vanished into fog after 2 minutes and never recovered, it was assumed that the plane was destroyed in firing of bomber planes which were returning from Germany in the war.
Again in 1953, a passenger plane flying UK to Jamaica this appeared carrying 39 passengers. In-spite of best efforts and investigations no report received for its where about.
In 1962, a chartered plane was US army was disappeared which was carrying 107 soldiers to Vietnam. No wreckage was found and investigators after one week’s efforts could not report anything. In 1979, a Boeing 707 of Brazilian’s airline has gone disappeared between Tokyo to Brazil. It was vanished over North pacific soon after taking of from Tokyo. It was a carob flight carrying most valuable paintings of about 1 million dollar. It is observed that the disappearance of the aircraft was due to crew staff.
In 1972, an plane was crashed during traveling between Uruguay to Chili. the plane was charted by military and was struck of to clouds and was crashed. After 11 days efforts the search was ended but after 2 months two passengers of the plane after a walk of 10 days in mountains reached in some population and got help to rescue the other passengers. Total 16 passengers were survived who become alive by eating the flash of their dead passengers.
From 1943 to 1954, comprising of 12 years 69 planes were found missing and only one British aircraft flying between Bluenose Airas to Chili was reportedly missing and its wreckage was found under a glacier after 50 years but other 68 planes did not found.
From 1957 to 1961, between 5 years of time 9 aircraft found missing in which a US air force Boeing c-97 carrying 67 people including 10 crew members found missing and no report about it received till now.
Since 1964-1989, 29 planes were found missing and only and wreckage of only 2 planes missed in 1972 and 1985 were found but other 27 planes were disappeared and nothing is heard about them.
During a spam of 15 years i.e. from 1995 to 2007, 10 planes were found missing and only 2 planes were detected, one of them was an air force plane traveling between rio-d-jenorio to Paris and was vanished on Atlantic. 228 people including 12 crew members were killed and after a 5 days effort of rescue team the wreckage of plane and majority of dead bodies of passengers were found and with the help of voice recorder/black box it revealed that the crystals of eyes disrupted the system and the plane was crashed.
Now the latest incident of missing plane is of Malaysia airlines flight MH 370 carrying 239 people headed from Kuala-Lumpur to Beiging disappeared after 2 hours of take off. The plane was disappeared from the rador and now about 12 days no where about of this plane is not traceable in-spite of satellite photos and efforts of various countries.

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