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NARENDER MODIIndo-Pak relations always remain up and down during the tenure of various governments of both the countries. Sometimes such a government win in either country who is liberal in their bilateral relations and sometime such a politician become in power who is very strict and conservative in his policies with neighbours  especially with Pakistan.

Now-a-days, such a conservative and strict politician Narender Modi has become Prime Minister of India after land slide victory from the platform of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) which was supported by a staunch party named Rashterya Sevak Singh (RSS) who is very strict in their believes and thinkings. They are relentless in their views about muslims and especially for Pakistan since its freedom.

Mr.Modi criticized the former Congress Government for their weak foreign policies and ensure to make the borders safe of his country and be strict in his agreements and negotiations with Pakistan.

Despite these thoughts and Modi’s statements, Pakistan is still hopeful for good relationship with India and expected that dialogues will be in progress which were suspended earlier. One Pakistani spokesman has said that both the countries are nuclear power hence there is no chance of war in near future. On the other, Modi has said that India will not be first in nuclear war. Hence war is no longer an option and it is better for both to resume dialogues again and all the issues either Kashmir, Siachin etc. will be possible to solve with bilateral talks. But the body language of Modi does not proving for these talks and negotiations have been suspended after Mumbai attacks.

It does not seem that Mr.Modi will take action against those, who wanted to increase confliction between the two countries because he win with the help of RSS and RSS is extremely against Pakistan. Mr Modi was also blamed for the killings of 166 Muslims in Gujrat when he was Chief Minister. Although the Indian Supreme Court has exempted him from the charges due to insufficient proofs yet the muslims of India think responsible for those killings and due to which they did not support him in these elections.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif telephoned Mr.Modi and congratulated him on his success. Mian Nawaz Sharif is very much interested in improving  the relationship between two countries but former Congress Government did not shows interest in improving the bilateral relations and now Nawaz Sharif hope that strong BJP Government  will review the talks.

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