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Operation Zarb-e-Azb


zarb e azab operationIntroduction

The roars of artillery and the noise of Air Strikes are heart throbbing for every human being. Let us be the one who do not let this to disturb us. Yes, we can be the one if we do not let the affected unaided. Brace yourself for what can be faced by us one day. People of North Waziristan have always shown bravery for Pakistan. Zarb E Azab is more than a military operation, It the test of our virtue of brotherhood. Up to what extent we can share peace with the people who have left their home is out test. We have to prove our strong affiliations with people of Waziristan.

North Wazirastan Agency

Overview of Operation Zarb-e-Azb

On 15th June 2014 just after the attack on Karachi Air Port, Pakistan armed forces decided to strike hard against terrorists this time. Just like the actions of one of the strongest army in this world, this operation was named as “Zarb e Azab”. Many people do not understand the true spirit of this military operation but only see it as a state war. It has a deep meaning which one should realize. Zarb is to strike while Azab was the name of a strongest sword. According to some sources this sword was kept by Holy Prophet (PBUH). The area in which this operation has been conducted is North and South Waziristan. It is one of the biggest operations in history as it covers the ground attack along with air strikes. It is believed that the targeted population for attack is the illegal Uzbek immigrants who are considered to be responsible for the security unrest in Pakistan. Target Areas are the main ammunition depots and training centers of the Terrorists. These target areas are informed by local agents and different intelligence reports. After this information has been transferred to ground forces followed by an Air Strike of Pakistan Air Force. The history of this operation is leaded by different terrorist activities and events inside Pakistan. According to a source more than 40,000 Military men have been reported to participate in this operation. There are very few causalities because Pakistan Army has got their men trained in Anti-Terrorist Schools in which basic training of close combat operations is given. Main spirit of this military operation is to have an effective strike and continuity. General Raheel Sharif, Chief of Pakistan Army is leading this operation and reports of this operation are being delivered by Inter Service Public Relations. ISPR is having an active response to every situation so that people of Pakistan can understand the cause of this operation and to realize the contribution is needed from them.
suspected placeNeed of Time:


Thousands of people have fled from their homes and have migrated temporarily to safe places. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has termed such people as IDPS (Internally displaced persons). These IDPs are going through a tough time due to rough weather & the starting of the holy month of Ramadan. Since Pakistan Army is more engaged in military operation and its support to IDPS is inadequate in giving medical supplies and basic needs. Due to it different types of Aid camps have been established in different cities of Pakistan where people are giving donations for these IDPs. Hence this is the time to show enthusiasm and becoming a helping hand for the people of North Waziristan and after reading this article there is a request for all that to please contribute as much as you can as our brothers are in need.
zarb e azabBBC urdu report on Operation Zarb-e-Azab

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