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Pakistan First Business Express Train


KARACHI: Pakistan first train entrepreneurs came to Karachi fifteen minutes before the scheduled time of Lahore on Saturday.

As part of the first private investment in millions of rupees in the troubled state railways, Business Express came to Karachi Cantt Station at 9:45 am, 15 minutes before the scheduled laika.Vilciens 15:30 left Lahore on Friday on the first trip.

Thirteen cars have been lovingly restored to a soft bed to run 1,200 kilometers (800 miles) from two major cities of Pakistan, Lahore and Karachi for the 18 hour drive, which was used once to take over 30 hours.

Prime Minister Gilani announced that the train is more luxurious and expensive to Pakistan.

To RS5, 000 in one way or RS9, back 000, the passengers waiting Commissioners attentive crowd, who settle in to watch movies on flat screen TVs or power to laptops.


The new train left five minutes earlier and rose to the customers of a brand new business lounge at the station in Lahore. Decorated with tinsel, engine ground to a halt 10 minutes later to pick up more passengers. PM Gilani congratulated the staff for what he called a “luxury” and “state of the art” services, which could serve as a pioneer for the future of public-private partnership that is able to turn around weak economy of Pakistan.
Arif Azim, Chairman Pakistan Railways said,

It’s a great initiative, much of the private sector, who are welcomed with open arms.
Year saw a drop in customers going to the airlines and luxury buses.

Azim hopes that if the express business, and launched a similar service between Lahore on February 20, Faizalabad and textile center in Karachi, is a success, then investors to sink millions more to life on the railways.

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