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PM Nawaz’s close relative involve in PIA privatisation: PPP senator


ISLAMABAD: PPP senator Saleem Mandviwalla said the federal government has brokered a deal from a relative of Pm Nawaz Sharif to sell Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to Dubai rulers.

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) senator also said that the purpose behind giving a Presidential Ordinance to privatise the PIA was to support an agreement that the federal government has recently hit with the Sheikhs of Abu Dhabi. The federal government on Monday also enhanced PIA’s authorised talk about capital from Rs30 billion to Rs54 billion just after it transformed the Rs23.6 billion bank loan to the airline into a guarantee.

The senator stated the Supreme Court of Pakistan has asked the consultation of Azeem as a special helper to the PM, requesting to eliminate him. He requested the apex court to have a suo motu notice of the privatisation program and allow a stay order.


The senator’s declaration may provide a fresh twist to the PIA privatisation, which may challenge the government’s attempts to sell the airline by June next year within situation of theIMF. He provided the declaration just 48 hours after the government promulgated an regulation to eliminate the legal difficulty to PIA privatisation. Mandviwalla said that the federal government has recently hit an agreement with a Gulf airline. “In my view, the privatisation deal has already been completed and also relaxation is just formalities, In addition, he pushed political parties along with workers’ unions to demonstrate against the on-going agreement, because he suggests that it disagrees the national interest and there was no connected labourers present to oversee the deal.


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