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PTI Performance in KPK
A large number of PTI supporters gathered in KPK

PTI Performance in KPK Province


PTI-Flag-wallpaperThese days there isa  huge buzzz going on regarding PTI Performance in KPK but before commenting i would like to give you a brief introduction about this political party. Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) is the third largest political party of Pakistan. It is headed by a dynamic personality of Imran Khan, Ex-Captain and Winner of World Cup Cricket Championship. He tried his level best for sky raising the party  by his performance as he did with the cricket team when he was the captain due to his fighting spirit. The journey of PTI is although more than 15 years but it has achieved high rise popularity during the Elections of 2013. During the campaign mostly the youth of Pakistan favored this party and worked hard for its success. Another reason for its likeness and popularity is because of the people especially the youth who have witnessed the Governments of both PPP and PMLN who were elected twice and were a disappointment as people got dis-hearted by their policies. MQM another political force was limited and bounded within the territory of Sindh. In these circumstances PTI availed the gap to cover all over Pakistan and attracted the youth by its revolutionary agenda and ideas. But it become successful only in Khyber Pakhtunkhaw (KPK) Province where PTI is performing satisfactorily and had taken the following bold steps for the improvement and betterment of common people’s life.
The KPK(Khyber Pakhtunkhaw) govt. has announced scholarships for jobless students having completed Master’s degree and an amount of 50 billion rupees which is been allocated for this purpose. These scholarships are only for those candidates who have passed their Masters by 70% and are jobless currently.
KPK govt. has also started another project/program which will be helpful to fulfill the need of Province and minimize the energy crisis. This Loan Scheme is for Solar Energy System and is for those people who can invest at a ratio of 40/60. The Loan is up to 30 million Pkr against mark-up of 7% for a period of 6 years enabling the govt. to decrease the un-employment in the Province and also increase the production of Industries by decreasing the short fall of energy in the country.
Another revolutionary step taken by KPK Govt. is for un-employed and low Income persons, is known as KHUD KIFAYAT SCHEME with a capital of 02 Billion rupees. This is an interest free loan program payable by easy installments within three years. Credit Limit is between Rs.50000 to Rs.200000 and age limit for the applicants is between 18 to 50 years.
Another bold step taken by Govt. of KPK is to dismiss the corrupt senior officers of the province after the dismissal of two corrupt ministers. Hence the promise of Imran Khan against corruption has been fulfilled.

KPK-Govt-Dismiss-20-Corrupt-Civil-OfficersFurthermore KPK govt. has announced very good news for the people of province for inauguration the Right to Information Law in Province enabling the people to avail the information whenever they needed. This is actually is a wave of fresh air in the suffocated society of a province.
It is only the beginning of the journey of KPK government and if it will complete its full tenure, we hope, it will take many great decisions for the betterment of the people of KPK Province.

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