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Punjab: 3 Day CNG Load Shedding In a Weak


Government decide to load shedding in Punjab for 3 days in a weak.

Before this the load shedding schedule was 2 and half day but due to CNG consumption increase in winter government decide for 3 days.

People already panic because of 2 and half day load shedding but now their problem more increase and they will suffer full 3 days.

As we know Sui gas field is the biggest natural gas field in Pakistan. It is located near Sui in Balochistan. The gas field was discovered in the late 1952. team survey and ask many people about this load shedding. All people so much angry on government for this decision. They said once Pakistan were have unlimited resources of Sui-Gas but now we suffering from this also.

In Multan: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

In Lahore: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

In Faisalabad: Friday, Saturday and Sunday





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