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Report on Desi Justin Beebee(Bibis) by BBC Network


Desi Justin Beebee in Nida Yasir Morning ShowIt feels like an outside show – men, ladies and youngsters are cheering and attempting to get the best vantage point to watch the execution.

The two young ladies they need to see are 15-year-old Saania and 13-year-old Muqqadas Tabaydar, otherwise called ‘Desi Justin Beebee‘.

The teen sisters turned into a web sensation when a feature of them singing Justin Bieber’s melody Baby, with their mom doing foundation beats on a pot, circulated around the web.

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“Begin Quote

I like [Justin Bieber] a great deal. I feel he’s like my child”

Shahnaz Tabaydar Mother

‘Pakistan’s got Talent’

Individuals in Pakistan took to online networking. Some reported that Bieber had “rivalry” in these two young ladies.

“Pakistan’s got ability” was an alternate well known remark about the sisters.

“We’ve been singing since we were exceptionally youthful – numerous individuals from our family sing as well. We know a wide range of Pakistani and Bollywood melodies,” said Saania.

“At the same time we particularly love Justin Bieber tunes in light of the fact that they touch our hearts.

“When we heard Baby, we began moving and hopping around and we simply lost ourselves to it,” she included.

Her sister Muqqadas said they have both listened to the melody around 70 times.

“When I heard the melody I neglected to consume or beverage. I was simply tuning in. I continued honing and rehearsing until I learned it by heart.


“This tune has been truly lucky for us in light of the fact that we’ve now ended up acclaimed!”

‘Like enchantment’

Saania and Muqqadas originate from an extremely poor family and dropped out of training after grade school.

They don’t talk much English so to take in the tune they sounded out the words and translated them into Urdu.

They honed one another on the verses and the tunes.

They were soon grabbed by nearby TV slots who welcomed them to perform live.

Desi Justin Beebee in ARY morning Show

The recently discovered distinction is a major movement from their day by day life.

“We truly didn’t anticipate that the greater part of this will transpire, to be popular like this. In view of this feature we got on a plane shockingly and we’ve been on TV. That is dependably been our fantasy.

“We had our hair and make-up done. We’d never been to a magnificence parlor previously. Every last bit of it was similar to enchantment so who realizes what will happen next,” said Saania grinning.

Their mom Shahnaz Tabaydar said she was additionally a major aficionado of Justin Bieber.

“I still can’t accept the greater part of this happened to my little girls, all on account of Justin Bieber. I like him a great deal. I feel he’s like my child.

“I wish that my young ladies could one day get to be proficient artists in Pakistan and India. I trust they get the bolster they require.”

Mrs Tabaydar said the young ladies were taken out of school in light of the fact that the family was excessively poor. “Anyhow I truly need them to about-face,” she said.

Their dad said he was pleased with his girls.

Pakistan is a religiously progressive nation and young ladies singing in broad daylight is grimaced upon. However their dad says they have not got any feedback.

“My girls do something relatively few others young ladies can do. They sing English melodies which are hard for them, yet they oversee it.”

Saania and Muqqadas say they need to venture to the far corners of the planet.

“Our greatest wish, however, is to meet Justin Bieber and to sing with him.”

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