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Showbiz Marriages in 2013


1- Babar Khan & Sana Khan:

Most renowned celebrities Babar Khan and Sana Khan got married in year 2013. In drama serial Rukhsar on Geo TV they working together as a couple and they fall in love. They got engaged in October, 2013 and then married at least after two months. This couple cheerfully enjoyed their Mehndi, Baraat and Valima functions. In Mehndi function, Sana Khan wears frock in yellow color and also wear flowers jewelry. On the day of Baraat, Sana wears Lehenga in red color and on Valima function she wears fully embroidered pink color Lehenga. Babar Khan wears blue Kurta Shalwar on her Mehndi function and on Baraat and Valima function he wears three piece suits in black and white color. Both were looking stunning on all wedding functions.Babar-Khan-Sana-Khan-Wedding-Pics

2- Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana:

Atif Aslam is a most pop music singer in Pakistani music industry. He got married with Sara Bharwana, on March, 2013 in Lahore. Sara was looking beautiful in Mehndi function she wears dress in orange, aqua blue and purple color and Atif wears Shalwar Kameez in purple color and also wear turban. On Baraat ceremnony, Sara wears Lehenga in maroon color while Atif wore Sherwani in cream color and on Valima, Sara was looking angel wearing frock in light peach color and Atif wear pent coat. Atif Aslam and Sara Bharwana both were looking awesome on her wedding day. Now this couple is expecting a baby. Sara Bharwana is pregnant and to give birth in December, 2014. This couple is very excited for their baby.atif-aslam-and-sara-bharwana-barat-function-2

3- Sanam Baloch and Abduallah Farhatullah:


Sanam Baloch is a most stylish and decent personality in Pakistan showbiz industry. She got married with Abduallah Farhatullah in October, 2013, who is a most popular host and writer and mostly appeared in commercials and TV shows. The wedding ceremony was very simple and elegant. Sanam Baloch traditionally wears yellow shalwar kameez on her mehndi function.  She wears Lehenga in red color on her Baraat day and her Valima dress was in green color. Sanam baloch looks stunning in all days. Abduallah Farhatullah wears kurta on Mehndi and white sherwani on the day of Baraat. Both were looking adorable in their wedding ceremony. 20131012221944_samaa_tv

4- Sherry Shah & Dr. Malik Anwer Awan:

Sherry Shah is a well-known Pakistani actress and model in Pakistani showbiz industry. They love each other for last five years and then they got married in 2013. Her husband is very well educated. Sherry wears frock in orange and yellow color on the day of Mehndi, and pink Lehenga on the Baraat day. Whereas, her husband wears sherwani on Barrat festival and three pieces suit on the day of Valima. Sherry Shah was looking very excited and happy on her wedding ceremony.   Many actor and actresses attend their wedding ceremony like Juggan Kazim, Maya Khan and many others which are very close to Shery Shah.


5- Mehreen Syed & Ahmed Sheikh:

Most legendary and very beautiful model Mehreen Syed recently married with Ahmed Sheikh in September, 2013 at Lahore. Her husband is very famous business man. Ahmed Sheikh has a second marriage while he has two kids from his first wife. Mehreen Syed wears Lehenga on her wedding reception, which was designed by the most popular designer HSY whereas Ahmed Sheikh wears sherwani in black color. This couple was looking very adorable on her wedding ceremony.


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