Tuesday , 17 January 2017
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Vibe Tv Patch up Program fight

Some reality shows bring up the reality of people and abusive language used by guys. here are another example of such abusive language. The reality is the guys are lose the temper and don’t know how to talk with girls.

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Worst Sectarianism in India From Bralvi Molvi


Extreme example of Sectarianism in India from Bralvi maslak when a fatwa came from bralvi molvi. People offer namaz besides Deoban molvi then fatwa came from bralvi molvi that the Nikah of all people break. Watch the video for details.

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Former Film Actress Anjuman Husband Murder


Former film actress Anjuman husband Mubeen Malik murder in Lahore while his daughter injured and driver died after firing by unknown people on his car.

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50 Lac Bull Sold For Qurbani

Yesterday electronic media showed a bull which sold in 50 lac rupees. Different people giving their opinion like a guy said the buyer tax must check, some people said its totally show off. Watch this interesting report.

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Waqar Zaka Blasting on Facebook Users

Waqar Zaka who is onr of the controversial anchor in Pakistani media and most of the time on social media people commenting against him. Now he blasting on Facebook users on his way. watch the video .

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Drunk Girl Driver Injured Four People

In Faisalabad a Drunk girl hit 4 people by her car and injured them including a child. Doctor send her for medical and arrest her. According to the injured child father, Ayesha who as the driver give him threat.

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Miss America Nina Davuluri Decalre Al-Qaida Agent by Some American

Nina Davuluri is an American but belongs to India, She was declare Miss America this year. Naina from a Telugu -speaking family in India and she was born in New York . Execrate her Hussain was selected as this year ‘s Miss USA . General this section honors greetings and …

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Sialkot Police Crack down on Fake Aalims


Sialkot Police doing now a days crack down against different people just like they done on Faqeers of Sialkot and caught fake disable people. Now its turn of Jaali peer or Fake Aalim who making people fool. Watch the video for more details:

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Another Rape Case in Karachi


Rape cases in Pakistan increasing and really very harsh for every one because its Islamic republic of Pakistan. Why people doing this? Even in a Hadith its clearly mention Zana or Rape is Udhar or Loan:

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Guiness World Record Holder Mustafa(Moustafa) Ismael


Mustafa Ismael is a Muslim who have biggest bicep of 32 inches. Now his name is registered in  Guiness World Record. Some people blame on him to use medicines to increase biceps but it still not prove.

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