Thursday , 19 January 2017
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Dabang Aunty Fighting with Tv Reporter

During investigation regarding cars and other vehicle in Karachi Arguing with Tv reporter and cameraman and said You are messing with a wrong person She also said in dabang style i am a media person. Watch the video

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Hidden Cam: Wife beating her husband

Hidden camera caught a wife beating her husband while a child also in the room. This video about 3 minute in which husband never touch her but facing his wife angry mood. Watch the video:

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Snake Magic by a Pakistani man

Pakistan country full with lot of talent in every field like here we showing a video where a guy inserting the snake from his nose and bringing out the snake from his mouth. I hope you never seen such thing ever before in your life even not in the National …

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Bhundi in Pakistan worst and irritating for girls

Bhundi in Pakistan worst and irritating for girls now a days but fact from last few years. We must care that they also sister and daughters of our Muslim brother.  Watch the video for very interesting

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Sialkot Police Crack down on Fake Aalims


Sialkot Police doing now a days crack down against different people just like they done on Faqeers of Sialkot and caught fake disable people. Now its turn of Jaali peer or Fake Aalim who making people fool. Watch the video for more details:

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Another Rape Case in Karachi


Rape cases in Pakistan increasing and really very harsh for every one because its Islamic republic of Pakistan. Why people doing this? Even in a Hadith its clearly mention Zana or Rape is Udhar or Loan:

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Dance Party Per ALLAH Ka Azab

Watch the video where a roof of building break down during a dance party.

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Aalim Noori Answer to Hasb e Haal Team

Aalim Noori who exposed by Hasb e Haal team Junaid Saleem and Azizi(Sohail Ahmed) few days back. Now replying to the hasb e haal team. Watch the video.

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Hasb e Hal Team Exposed Jali Aamil


Watch the video how Azizi and Hasb e Hal team exposed the Jali peer and how morning show anchors increase the rating of the program. They mostly brings such fake aalim.

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Internet Cafe in Lahore Exposed by Sar e Aam Team


Internet cafe concept  start from 1998 in Pakistan and in 2001 a scandal come in the news then many girls suicide and boy run aways from the house. In Pakistan every positive thing use in negative way also so Internet cafe use only for dates between couples and also for …

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