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Taliban’s talk with Government of Pakistan



Taliban is a name of Islamic Political movement, which rules in Afghanistan during the period of 1996-2001. Mulla Muhammad Umer was their Ameer-ul-Momineen. They belong to Deoband: Firqa and were very strict in implementation of their Sharia is Afghanistan due to which they were severely criticized by liberal society and European countries specially, their thoughts regarding un-veiled women and they were called Brutal for their thinking. Reportedly it is said that Taliban were supported by America, Saudi Arabia, U.A.E and Pakistan to fight against Russia but after evacuation of Russian army, they started to fight with each other for the power in Afghanistan. There were many groups which were supported by Al-Qaida. After 9/11, the America become enemy of Taliban and Al-Qaida due to which they tried to eradicate  them with the help of NATO and ISAF forces but Taliban stood firmly against them and fought bravely. Tehrik-Taliban Pakistan is entire a different group from Afghan Taliban as they are thugs,criminals & extortionists . They started looting the Banks, kidnapping national and international personalities for ransom and compensation, suicide attacks and became involved in all type of illegal activities and started attacks all over the countries. Hundreds and thousands of people were killed in these bombing and suicide attacks.

Tehrikai Taliban Pakistan does not only comprise local people but people from other  various countries or different international agencies . They not only attacked Pakistan and tribal areas but also created problems for NATO forces. Hence America was compelled for drone attacks in Pakistan’s tribal areas which became  a question mark for Pakistan’s government and Army. The Pakistani government protested on America’s actions but it was not use as  America continued drone attacks. While T.T.P is not a single group but about more than 50 groups functioning as Pakistani Taliban.  Although the Pakistani army tried to clean sweep them all but it became partially successful.

Currently the Pakistani government has decided to negotiate with Taliban. Although there was a great pressure upon government to take strict action against T.T.P but it  has decided in the faith of country to negotiate with them because  taking action against them will become a massive blood shed all over the country.

While at the same time Pakistani Taliban announced one month ceasefire for the negotiations and instructed all groups to abide by it but these dialogues were broke down when insurgency  took place in certain areas. Speculations  spread that Pakistan army is going to take severe action against militants, but the Taliban committee headed by Molana Samee-ul-Haq and government committee both came forward and resumed the negotiations. Now both the committees had a meeting under the supervision of interior minister Ch. Nisar Khan and decided to meet directly with Taliban Shura on some unknown place and this meeting will be held in two or three days said as stated by the interior minister.

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