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Top 10 Richest Persons Of Pakistan


We start this count down from 10 and see who are the richest people of Pakistan. This lineup was according to 2012.

deewan10- Deewan Yousuf Farooqui with 800$ Million Dollars

Tariq Sagol And Nasim Sagol9- Tariq Saigol And Nasim Saigol with 800$ Million Dollars

Rafiq-Habib-and-Rasheed-Habib8- Rafiq Habib And Rasheed Habib with 900$ Million Dollars

andul-razzak7- Abdul Rzzak Yaqoob with 1 Billion Dollars

Nasir  Schon6- Nasir  Schon with 1 Billion Dollars

hashoo-group-set-to-launch-media-house5- Saddaruddin Hashwani with 1.1 $ Billion Dollars

nawaz-sharif-shahbaz-sharif4- Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif with 1.4 Billion Dollars

Sir-Anwar-Pervez3- Anwer Pervez with 1.5 $ Billion Dollars

zardari2- Asif Ali Zardari with 1.8 $ Billion Dollars

Mian-Muhammad-Mansha1- Mian Muhammad Mansha with 2.5 $ Billion Dollars


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  1. please post according to 2013.

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