Ufone: Share Ufone Balance To Any Ufone Number

Ufone: Share Ufone Balance To Any Ufone Number


ushareHere two ways to get this feature which provide by Ufone Pakistan to their Prepay customers.

OLD sms way now not activated

Through Sms there are 3 easy steps

How to Share:


 Step 1: Write a new message.

Step 2: <Enter recipient no.>u2u<amount in rupees>

e.g: 03332597334u2u50 Step 3: Send to 828. 


Note: Command sent to 828 will be charged as Rs. 1.50.

Now u have to  follow these steps to share balance to other Ufone prepay customer.


Step 1: Dial *828# to initiate balance sharing process
Step 2: Enter the MSISDN of the recipient
Step 3: Enter the amount to be shared
Step 4: Confirm the transaction


For transfer of amount up to Rs.50, service charge will be Rs.2.5+tax
For transfer of from Rs.51 to Rs.200, (5% of the amount) + tax will be charged
*828# dialing is priced at Rs. 1.5+tax. However, this charge is already included in the above mentioned service charge
The maximum amount of balance that can be shared among Ufone subscribers is now limited to Rs 200/- for a single transaction. If transfer amounts is greater than Rs 200/- , another transaction need to be initiated.
Balance transferred through UShare will not have any effect on B-Party subscriber validity period.
All UShared amount will be required to be used before end of this validity period or will expire.


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