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Watch Online Latest Episode Bay Dardi Drama ARY Digital


Bay dardi  Episodes On Air and Getting popularity after releasing after till first episode.

Review of Bay Dardi Drama

Bay Dardi drama is based on totally different topic. Its story really different and all about a rich mother whose son suffering from Aids. The Son Shafay was the only single child of her. Shafay mother not accepting this illness and Aids disease. She hidden this from her son Shafay. But her brother Tabrez(behroz Sabzwari) Knows about this AIdS.

In hostel where Shafay living with his class mate which actually a play boy used his Razor for shave. That’s the actually cause of AIDS disease in Shafay.

During this Bia who working in Shafay office, he start love with her and this thing doesn’t like by Mamona(Shafay mother).

Actually Bia belongs to a middle class family and Mamona not like to be marry her son in a middle class family. When Mamona(Bushra Ansari) knew about his Son(Shafay) disease and doctor recommended that shafay must stay happy if you want he don’t feel much pain. Actually AIDS is a disease which have no treatment. Patient died after facing lot of pain in his ending life. Day by day he/she getting weak and weak and more weak day by day.


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Anyways when mamona knows about his son disease she agree to marry his son with Bia. When this thing  she share with his brother Tabrez, he not agree and against with this decision. Some day Tabrez visit Dubai for any business meeting and Mamona give a surprise to Shafay and arrnage the Nikah with Bia in a day and also did rukhsati. Its totally selfishness from Mamona as mother and destroy the life of a innocent girl Bia. You know better AIDS spread from one another when they involve physically.

So doctor also prohibited the marriage of Shafay due to his AIDS disease. In 8th Episode of  Bay Dardi Shafay saw the medical reports in his mother room. Here Episode 8 End.

Message Of Bay Dardi Drama

  • A message in this Bay Dardi Drama is always use your own razor. Don’t every use used Razor of someone else.
  • Don’t be Selfish as mother or any relation
  • Be sincere with everyone.
  • From money you can’t buy happiness.


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