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Which difficulties face Pakistani when they came back homeland


There are 10 things which Pakistani face upon when they come back their homeland, due to difference culture and atmosphere between two countries.

1. The noise  When you have been able to carry on the harm time period of getting away from the airport, you are then found massive noises – sputtering motorcycles, rickshaws, cars, vans, buses all filled and full of people just looking to get home with their recently arrived people.


2. The heat   It doesn’t issue when you arrive in winter seasons, as soon as that airplane door opens, you are hit in the face with extreme humidity/heat. It requires some adjusting when you try and vibration off the plane’s steps.


3. The Family Members   So upon returning dishevelled and totally jetlagged, you face the family members who start to inform you how weight, unpleasant and also terrible you look. When they criticise you to their heart’s material, these people move forward with the Spanish inquisition by what life is like overseas, and begin examining whether you have grown also westernised (do not mention members of the opposite sex). They’ll query you regarding something published on Facebook 4 years ago though it may be one thing lengthy neglected.


4. The mosquitoes    Without a doubt, these irritating, dengue-carrying insects have a factor for foreigners. These people appear to enjoy stinging a foreigner One hundred times higher than a local man. Therefore you remain with unappealing spots, bumps and lumps within 24 hours of appearance and begin itching just like a crazy guy to attempt to relieve the pain.


5. The regular visits to the bathroom    Another problem which face a Pakistani returned back home is regular visiting in Toilet due to the taste of the meals and huge increase of tastes. But, it never bodes nicely with your bubble-wrapped belly coating which is often used to much more flavourless items. This particular usually leads to some type of expulsion from either finish of the body, via vomiting or diarrhoea or both.

man in-toilet

6. The crowds    So when your physique acclimatises to the warm, you must handle the heaving crowds of people who’re frequent and unforgiving within their hurry to arrive at the passport counter. They push, prod, pull and try everything they can in their ability to irritate you. You will sometimes observe line up jumpers but are helpless to prevent these simply because no one will point out anything.



7. The electricity loadsheding     As you be able to get some sleep, you attempt and obtain used to the sounds of the whirring fan but don’t realise why it retains closing off and on. You then understand the electricity is at the mercy of the city’s electricity supplier and begin to feel even hotter and more exhausted. Having a shower is usually impossible as there is no electrical power to work the water to the shower. Therefore you simply sit down in a hot, sweaty, irritating mess.

load shedding

8. The large sizes of the houses    Traveling on the roads of Defence in Karachi or F-8 in Islamabad, you can find the most modern and delightful houses. They appear just like mansions out of a street in Beverley Hills. It’s just like having your personal shelter or haven in the chaos that develops otherwise. Plants, lush gardens and beautiful structures is a thing to revere in Pakistani houses.


9. The trip to the bazaar    When you are utilized to your environment and venture out into the marketplace, you’re after that met with a battery of looks as the store owners understand you’re not a local. It’s nearly as when they have an aerial which feeds them details about who is international and who isn’t. Obviously, the costs of products will be hitched up by a 1,000 % and also don’t even try and bargain in Urdu because the amusing highlight verifies the shopkeeper’s thoughts about you being from overseas.


9. The awareness that foreign currency doesn’t have a lot weight any further      You confirm the exchange rate before flying away, £1 = Rs164, great! However when you expend your cash, you understand that Rs10,000 is a drop in an sea when compared to costs of garments or other products in Pakistan. I remember the times where bridal dresses price Rs20,000. These days, you’d be fortunate to obtain a several cloths for that amount.



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