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Who is Blogger Salman Haider? Founder of Bhensa, Mochi and Roshni Facebook Pages


Salman Haider, blogger, human right and social media activist and Gender Study lecturer of Fatimah Jinnah Women University, is missing from Islamabad for last six days. This news must be going through from your eyes during using the Facebook account.

Salman Haider has been alleged for running anti-Islam pages over Facebook in which three most popular were Bhensa, Mochi, and Roshni. All of these have been hacked by some hacker groups.

According to initial reports, Salman Haider was accused of running anti-Islam and anti-country movements over social media channels. In recent years, many seculars, liberal extremists, and liberal fascist have been reported for doing such things over social media channels. Salman Haider was also the member of that group.

Reports also revealed that national cyber security institutes were continuously getting complaints from the religious groups and other Pakistanis for propagation against Pakistan and Islam. Below are some posts shared by these groups before their pages got hacked.1484146889 1484146895 1484146905 1484148710

Here is the message on Bhensa that has been restored by the hackers with the following message.

The page is now run by Elite Cyber Force of Pakistan. All blasphemous and offensive material has been removed.
Pakistan & Islam ZB
Foul language = Blocked

Salman Haider was not working alone. Still, there is a foreign-funded group doing all these. The group has haired an IT specialist who were changing the IP addresses frequently for which it was difficult for the agencies to trace the location. However, after a continuous effort that started three months before, agencies succeeded in getting the location.

Most of the members associated with this group are working from other countries. Some atheists from Pakistan are also the part of this group who are also continuously giving inputs in the form of content, videos, and images.

After the missing case of Salman Haider, Pakistan Human Right Watch has also been stepped into the situation. The organization demanded from the government to start investigations for the recovery of Salman Haider and four other missing bloggers who are according to organization running human rights movements and campaigns.

In a moving video testimony, Mr. Abdullah Cheema who is a close blood relative of Waqas Goraya confirms his cousin’s involvement with the so-called ‘Bhensa Network’ which was engaged in numerous Islamophobic activities.

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