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Who is Veena Malik



Veena Malik was born in a famous city of Pakistan Rawalpindi in February 26, 1984. She started her carrier as a television model in the Pakistan television. After the modeling she gets a chance for hosting some programs and morning shows. She made her name in the Lollywood and after few years she also start working for Bollywood. Veena Malik is now 29 years old and her father’s name is Muhammad Ali Malik and her mother’s name is Zeenat Malik. The parents of Veena Malik are respectable and belong to a good and well educated family. Veena Malik is also awarded by the best actress in Lollywood during the Lux Style Awards.

Scandals of Veena Malik:
After the fame of Veena Malik there are many scandals of her are available on internet. Some of them are telecasted on television also. This is article we will discuss about the some of the famous scandals of Veena Malik in the television industry.


1. Veena Malik and Muhammad Asif:
The first scandal of Veena Malik is with the famous cricketer Muhammad Asif. Muhammad Asif is one of the best bowlers of the Pakistan cricket team but the due to some smuggling of the drugs he caught by the police and then disposed from the Pakistan cricket team. During the cricket his scandal was very common with the Veena Malik. According to some news there was a hidden marriage of Muhammad Asif and Veena Malik and according to some news or articles, there was no marriage, they were just making an affair with each other. According to Veena Malik, Muhammad Asif usually got drug and being physical violent. Veena Malik said that Muhammad Asif used to beat her with his hands and feet and Muhammad Asif is a regular drinker. Veena Malik said to a news reporter that Muhammad Asif used to beat her with no reason.

2. Veena Malik and Ashmit:
Another very important scandal of Veena Malik is with the super male model of bollywood industry Ashmit. Veena Malik got a chance to do work with a rocking model Ashmit during the Big Boss program. In that program they both got friendship with each other. After the program many people disliked that a Muslim Girl is working with Hindus. After the program Veena Malik got a chance to do work in a movie with Ashmit. After the movie it is very common news that Veena Malik did the lip lock scene with Ashmit in the movie. Veena Malik said that it was the responsibility of her to do such scenes in the movie because those scenes were the part of the movie.

3. Veena Malik and ISI:
One of the most important scandals of Veena Malik is that when she made the ISI tattoos on her arm and that photo shot became very famous in the world. It was the insulting of ISI that a corrupt Pakistani female model is making the fun of ISI by making the tattoos of ISI on her arm and providing the nude shoot. The bad thing about that scandal is that Rehman Malik also saved the Veena Malik due to the shot of that.

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