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Why Pakistan Loss in One day Series


For many it was a surprise, but those who know of cricket is better than many already see it coming. The recent failure of Pakistan’s in one dayh series England’s tour of the UAE, is striking in the same way as it is shocking to see someone drive into the wall, rather than randomly.

The first problem, which is bright for Pakistan, is the choice of some options rather rebuttable who have wondered Meetings between experts and casual observers of cricket. It starts from the top of it, with a selection of Imran Farhat who just happened to be a regular cricketers with ordinary batting skills and that too in a career spanning more than a decade. It can be argued in his defense that he never plays constantly to empty a shorter version of the game, but considering he has played 13 games straight from Misbah-ul Haq took over, his figures are again almost attractive, and worth much less to talk about.

The second problem is the selection of players like Azhar Ali, who without any shadow of doubt, has done a great job on top of the order, the trial victory, but not really more limited material to begin with. Your only option is based on form rather than the skills that I’m not clear evidence of a one-day cricket. Umar Akmal is also the result of mismanagement of selectors, where he was asked to keep windows and take the pressure to score quickly when the asking rate was already touching the ceiling, because the higher order was absent or was too cautious circumstances that have never been known to be too demanding for hitters. She is a case of poor management rather than poor form in which the captain had a conservative and directives.

The second point in the selection process as a result of a question mark has been chosen to Shoaib Malik, the team that clearly looks like the kind of international cricket and could not get anything good from Miesbach and team management and . If the team management has not had any soft-cornered Hammad Azam Malik and confidence to deliver the goods, one wonders who exactly was wrong with Abdul Razzaq?

While Pakistan played an excellent cricket in the longer version of the game, he would fight for the beach one day, because of their mentality. It’s no secret that everyone knows that Miesbach-ul Haq, is a master of defense – sometimes over-protective. This led to a decrease in players like Akmal Mohammad Hafiz and Omar who rely more on playing their shots instead of playing a style of Miesbach entries. In fact, an interesting fact that came to our attention is the difference between unemployment rates of the two batsmen – Hafeez and Akmal – when Shahid Afridi was played and now with Misbah Ul Haq. Average Akmal may well be impressive, but cost him his attacker-focus.


The one that is constantly and quite suspect becomes a problem for Pakistan is the weak nature of the pace bowlers, even if we let go of the slowest players, based on recent past performance. Never been a question about Pakistan’s bowler of the new rapid rotation of any country, from remote villages in the street filled in metropolitan centers. Pakistan was always happy with the fast bowlers factory in the spring of frogs on a rainy day. However, things have taken a bit of a step in Pakistan is not a new player and fast (unless prohibited Mohammad Amir) has become the apple in the eyes of the country and cricket experts. In the form of a lance head, Umar Gul, and losses also left Pakistan to the mass of each of the teams get too dependent on non-strike spinners fungus type of department. Umar Gul to the dilemma is that it can be great in a special day with a bowl, but he managed to fall from grace for the next day makes it worse for everyone connected with the Pakistan team. No wonder, then her bowling average below 40 in the last 14 games clearly reflected in poor condition, but also took a flair for the rate of air leakage can be seen only in a shorter form of the game. Umar Gul may be a problem, but this brings us back to square one, then it is treated properly? Umar Gul half fraction below 23 with Shahid Afridi, while nearly 40 of Misbah by Ul Haq. Statistics are numbers, but can reveal a little more than just numbers.

Regardless of Umar Gul, without great bowler was able to double or acts contrary as a cover for Umar Gul. Aizaz Cheema, Wahab Riaz Khan and Junaid have all been tested, but none of them struck the minds of people who have seen hay day of Pakistan.

Maybe it had to happen in Pakistan, and glad it happened sooner rather than later. England has capitalized on the aspect that was shot down, which is obviously a security mindset seems to be introduced in the Pakistan team, for no apparent reason. The decision to play Umar Akmal as a starter in place of regular pedestrian goalie is a brand well enough to suggest where and what they think-tank is in their minds – not to lose the match. Miesbach-ul-Haq and his team have been very successful in the test field, because it was time to change a session of good or a good day for the opposition. Now, although it seems to be behind the one dayers in which decisions must be taken immediately, and the foot on the accelerator. The consequences of this thought, and therefore, the loss is that Pakistan has looked flat, less current and short of energy in the field, where artists like Shahid Afridi and consistent Saeed Ajmal also fought a yet-to- be-concluded one-day series.

Pakistan not necessarily lead to change, as it requires a shift in consciousness. If the mind is thinking positive results, of course, is positive. But if thought can not change, then Pakistan to seek a wider range of options, while they still are.

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