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All Warid Prepaid Call Packages and Details


Warid has its own style to accommodate its customers by delivering new and innovative offers to mitigate the distance between its customers and beloved ones. Warid is offering its call packages throughout the country that will make you able to stay in touch with your friends across the country. In addition to calls, the packages that are made for calls only sometimes contains additional offers in shape of free SMSs and MBs for the internet as well. Here is the list of Warid prepaid call packages.

Warid Pakistan Offer:

Type PK and send at 4337 for Rs. 12 + Tax. 300 minutes on net minutes will be provided that will be valid throughout the day except 6 PM to 8 PM. Free minute can be checked by dialing *200*700#.

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Warid Hourly Package

Hourly package is available in two ranges that are 11 Pm to 6:59 PM and 7 PM to 10:59 PM against charges of Rs. 4 +tax and Rs. 8 + tax respectively. Send hour you want to enjoy at 2742. For 9 PM to 10 PM, simply type 9pm and send to 2742.

Warid Poora Hafta Offer:

SMS WO to 3333 for Rs. 80 inclusive of all taxes. Daily 100 minutes Warid to Warid from Saturday to Monday and 250 minutes on Sunday will be provided. Remaining minutes can be checked by dialing *200*301#.

Warid Karachi Offer:

SMS KAR to 4337 for Rs. 10.99 including taxes and enjoy daily unlimited minutes from Warid to Warid.


Warid Peshawar Offer:

SMS BAAT to 4337 for Rs. 7.99 and enjoy unlimited calls to Warid number whole day. Off net call charges are 0.02/sec.

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Warid Punjab Offer:

SMS BOL to 4337 for Rs. 7.99 + tax per day and make unlimited calls to Warid numbers.

Warid 7 Day Offer:

Dial *99*7# for Rs. 110 and  get 700 Warid to Warid minutes and 70 off net minutes for a  week.

Warid Mahana Offer:

Dial *99*33# for Rs. 520 per month and get 100 off minutes and 1500 on minutes.

Warid One Code Offer:

This offer is available in bundle of 1, 3, 7 and 30 days. Dial *99# and select 1, 3, 7 or 30. Details of Warid One Code Offer are:

Parameter 1 Day Bundle 3 Days Bundle 7 Days Bundle 30 Days Bundle
On-net Min 200 300 700 1,500
Off-net Min 10 30 70 100
SMS 300 500 700 1,500
MBs 30 500 700 1,500
Charges Including Tax 30 70 110 520
Validity (days) 1 3 7 30


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