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Altaf Hussain: Weapons brought to Nine-Zero by paramilitary troops hidden under blankets


MQM Chief Altaf Hussain reaction
Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) boss Altaf Hussain has denounced the Rangers assault on his party’s central command asserting that the weapons indicated to the media were, truth be told, brought to Nine-Zero by paramilitary troops ‘covered up under covers’.

Tending to a sincerely charged swarm at Azizabad by means of telephone from London, Altaf Hussain addressed why no assaults were being directed against other political gatherings while the Supreme Court has officially proclaimed that all political gatherings have activist wings.

He said Karachi ought to be given over to different gatherings like Jamaat-e-Islami, Awami National Party and Pakistan Peoples Party, while the Rangers could assume control over the MQM. altaf-hussain-terrorist

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He said the MQM had zero resistance for hoodlums and roughness, and offered to venture down as gathering boss in light of the fact that the “[security] foundation can’t endure me”. He added that he just needed to stay connected with Khidmat-e-Khalq Foundation, the magnanimous wing of the MQM. “The Rabita Committee ought to choose the following gameplan.” According to reports, the Rabita Committee is liable to declare its arrangement of activity today


The MQM boss additionally said that errors of a couple of activists were harming the gathering. “The party’s picture is being discolored on account of the missteps submitted by a couple of activists. In the event that the captured men were needed [by the police], they ought to have gone to some other place as opposed to putting the dominant part [of workers] and Nine-Zero in peril,” he said.

Altaf guaranteed he had been far from the nation for an excess of years, and if those captured were without a doubt terrorists, then the Rabita Committee ought to have let him know so.

The MQM boss likewise censured the executing of gathering laborer Waqas Shah, saying that his tribute would not go to waste. Altaf said PTI director Imran Khan had additionally rebuked him for Zahra Shahid’s homicide, yet her little girl has said on online networking that Imran was behind the executing.

As to capture of Faisal assumed name Mota, the prime blamed for the homicide for columnist Wali Khan Babar, MQM pioneers offered diverse perspectives. One pioneer said he had not seen Faisal and the gathering had no clue who he was. An alternate said regardless of the fact that Faisal had been captured, he was kept from the close-by region and not from the Khursheed Begum Secretariat or from the MQM central station.

Some MQM pioneers accepted they were being misled for not supporting the PML-N in the Senate decisions. MNA Asif Hasnain brought up that the strike was led when the MQM declared backing for Senator Raza Rabbani, the PPP candidate for the space of Senate director.

MPA Faisal Subzwari said on the off chance that they [arrested men] were terrorists, then they would have set up resistance against the Rangers which did not happen. He said the gathering had just authorized weapons for security purposes.


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