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Assets of Big Names in Pakistan Politics


As general election 2018 is near and during registration all the politicians declaring their assets in election commission. One draw back of ECP rules is current value of property not will consider. The value of the time when they were purchase will consider mean actual cost. Here we compile a list of some popular and well known politician from different political parties.

Chairman PTI Imran Khan Assets

  • Worth of Assets: 38,694,493 (38.6 million) PKR
  • Tax paid 2017: 303,763 PKR
  • Income 2017: 4,776,611  PKR
  • Sources of Income: Salary of MNA, PCB pension, 168 acres agricultural lands & bank profits
  • Bank Accounts: 1 Euro, 2 Dollar & 1 Pound accounts.
  • Properties: The Captain owned 14 Properties in Pakistan
  • Out Side Properties: PTI Chariman have no property outside Pakistan

Chairman PML N Shahbaz Sharif Assets

  • Worth of Assets: 159 million PKR
  • Bank Accounts: Balance of 11.4 million PKR in banks.
  • Properties: 670 kanals agricultural land in Pakistan
  • Outside Pakistan Properties: 2 flats in the UK worth £918,295
  • Business: Shares in many mills, and also have gifted land cruiser.
  • 1st Wife Assets: 276.03 million PKR
  • 2nd Wife Assets: 9.23 million in 2015

Hamza Shahbaz Assets

  • Worth of Assets: 36 million PKR worth of properties
  • Bank Accounts: Balance 4.4 million PKR in bank accounts and prize bonds as well.
  • Properties: 155-kanal plot and non-agricultural land in Lahore amounting 411,540,310 PKR.
  • Business: Shares in 21 mills.
  • 1st Wife Assets: 2.2 million PKR
  • 2nd Wife Assets: 39.4 million PKR

PPP Co-chairman Asif Zardari Assets

  • Worth of Assets: Zardari declares 758,669,073 (758 million) PKR
  • Income in 2017: 134,016,650 in 2017 from agriculture land from other business 97,51,400 PKR.
  • Bank Accounts: Balance 4.4 million PKR in bank accounts and prize bonds as well.
  • Properties: 349 acres of agricultural land and 7,399 acres on lease.
  • Taxes paid by Zardari: 26,32,490 PKR
  • Holding UAE Iqama as well.

PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

  • Worth of Assets: Bilawal declares 1 billion assets in PKR
  • Income Source: Foreign investments, Rental properties, Agriculture, and Bank profits
  • Taxes paid by Bilawal Zardari: 237,152 PKR as income tax
  • Agriculture Tax: 3.95 million as agricultural income tax
  • Bank Balance: 50 million PKR in cash and 13.86 million PKR in banks.
  • Bonds and Shares: Rs 1.25 million in government bonds, 1.11 million PKR worth shares. 1 investment in the United Kingdom, 22 in UAE worth of 3 million PKR.
  • Properties: 20 in Pakistan including commercial, agricultural and residential properties
  • Outside Pakistan Properties: 2 villas in Dubai as well.
  • Bilawal house worth: Bilawal declare 3 million PKR value.

Nawaz Sharif Daughter Maryam Nawaz Assests

  • Worth of Assets:  845,953,559 (845 million) assets in PKR also have jewellery worth 1.7 million PKR and 40 million PKRas gifts.
  • Properties in Pakistan: 1,506 kanals of irrigation land.
  • Business: Shares in several mills and industries which including Hudaybia Paper Mills Limited, Hudabiya Engineering Co Private Limited, Muhammad Buksh Textile Mills Limited, Hamza Spinning Mills Limited and Chaudhry Sugar Mills Limited.
  • Loan: Maryam bibi took loan of 20 million PKR from her brother Hasan Nawaz.

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