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Comparison of Careem and Uber Apps and Services


The year 2016 was fruitful for Pakistan in many perspectives. In addition to progress in the world of freelancing and IT, new companies stepped into the country. Few automobiles also entered in the country. But here we will talk about two leading taxi booking services namely Uber and Careem also stepped into the country.

At international level both are doing well. The gradual increase in demand for commercial taxi and rickshaw services forced these two leading taxi booking services to test their services in Pakistan as well so both of these entered in the country one by one. At present, Karachi and Lahore are two major cities where these two offering their taxi booking services.

Here we are going to discuss their services and apps one by one.


Careem is a Dubai-based taxi booking services that are offering its taxi booking services in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. Careem has three kinds of services namely Careem Go, Careem Economy and Careem Business. It is very easy to start with Careem either create an account on its official website or use its official application available for the iOS and Android smartphones. After creating an account simply book a ride now or schedule one for later by selecting a specific date and time. You can even call or email the officials to get the necessary help.

Here are the fares of Careem:Careem_Khi_01-768x199 Careem_Khi_02-768x197

Payment for ride can be made by any of following three ways

  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Careem Credits

Careem App:

iOS, Android



Uber was the first taxi booking services to enter in Pakistan. Since its launch date in the country, it has collected a reasonable appreciation from the passengers. It is doing well in Lahore as compared to its services in Karachi and some part of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Uber has only two type of services for its passengers named as Uber Economy and Uber Premium. Premium service of Uber is equal to luxury service of Careem Business. Recently the Uber has also slashed the prices of its services to boost demand and compete with the growing demand of Careem. It merits mentioning here that Uber is working on flat rates to direct tips between specified locations. In the case of additional stops, the passengers will be charged with additional fares. Moreover, surcharges and tolls taxes will be added to the fare as well.

Here are the fares of Uber in Pakistan

Old UberGo rates New UberGo rates
Base fare Rs 100 Rs 100
Per km Rs 13.7 Rs 6.84
Waiting per minute Rs 3.7 Rs 3.15
Minimum fare Rs 150 Rs 150
Cancellation Rs 150 Rs 150

Payment to Uber can be made by way of cash only.

Uber App:

iOS, Android, Windows Phone

Careem vs. Uber Comparison

  • Some main differences between two are:
  • Careem is doing well in Karachi while Uber is leading in Lahore
  • Careem has three services namely Careem Go, Careem Economy, and Careem Uber has two services named as Uber Economy and Uber Premium.
  • Careem accepts payment by way of cash, credit card or Careem credit while Uber accepts payment by way of credit card only.
  • Careem has credit system while Uber has no buy or earn credit system at all.
  • Careem app is available for iOS and Android while Uber app is additionally available for the Windows Phone as well.

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