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Personal Data Protection Bill 2018

Cyber Crime Law in Pakistan: Misuse Of Someone Personal Data Cause 5 Million PKR Fine and 2 Years Jail


Cyber crime law in Pakistan getting strict day by day due to lot of complaints by consumers. The issues numerously increasing in Pakistan that’s why the he Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication ready a draft for Personal Data Protection Bill 2018 where a culprit can be fined and also maximum 2 years jail.

Under the article 14 the constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan every male and female have fundamental right of his/her privacy. As the technology growing day by day and also cyber crime also increasing as well and through this advance technology the collect of other personal data so much easy.

Through this bill no one can collect someone personal data and sold it without knowing the owner. Some times this personal data use to harm the other personal life like for business and also as personally damage the character of that specific man or woman.


There is another law which also design to protect personal data of any man or woman known  as Electronic Crimes Act 2016 (Act No.XL of 2016). This also deal to protect of personal data.


  • Under sub-section(1) if someone committed strike of other sensitive data then punishment is about five million rupees.
  • Failure to adopt appropriate data security measures that will be cost the punishment of upto one million rupees.
  •  Failure to comply with orders it will cost him/her upto five lacs rupees.
  • Corporate liability punishment will not exceed five million rupees.

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