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Fake Degrees and Punishing the Parliamentarians


fake-degree- punishing the parliamentariansThe Chief justice of Pakistan is making history by punishing the parliamentarians who were holding fake degrees. It is a historic event as it is first time that parliamentarians are being punished however the punishment given are not that hard but still it’s a good thing that it has started. The punishments given are mostly like 2 year jail time with only two thousand rupee fine. “The parliamentarian is given 20 million for betterment of its area, their punishment should be starting at least from 0.1 million”, said one of the official in HEC.

President of AwamiTehreek has asked the Election Commission of Pakistan to HEC(Higher education commission sent a list of 54 of former assembly members as fake degree holders to ECP. 189 degrees of parliamentarians are yet to be verified as they have not submitted their metric or intermediate degrees.

Some of them are include DastagirRajar, IsrarullahZehri, Semal Kamran, ShumailaRana (PML-N), Nasir Ali Shah(PPP), Syed AkhwanzadaChattan( from PPP), SaminaKhawar Hayat (PML) and WaseemAfzalGondal(PPP).

Chief Justice of PakistanIftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry ordered Election Commission of Pakistan to take action against all the fake degree holders. The scandal had started since 2010 but the actions are taken today, it is what politics of Pakistan is, you wait until the other is not in power.


“Being illiterate is okay, but being fake is not,” it was said by Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, Chief Justice of Pakistan. There are many big names who have Fake Degrees but not only fake degrees are given but also the degrees are given from the institutes which are non-charted. There are two degrees submitted from BahauddinZakariya University (BZU), nine from the University of the Punjab, three from the University of the Peshawar, ten from the University of Sindh, three from the Shah Abdul Latif University, one from Ripah International University, Islamia University Bahawalpur, one from Institute of Management Science, one from Gomal University, one from University of Karachi, one from University of Peshawar, one from  Hajvery University and one from University of Baluchistan, these all were stating the candidate having degree of Bachelors level but sadly all the universities declared these degrees fake.

Not only the Bachelor’s degrees but even the Shadat-ul-Almiyadegrees which also hold religious values were bogus, 3 degrees from Tanzeem-ul-MadrisAlh-e-Sunnat Pakistan, two from Dar-ul-Aloom, one from Al Jamia Al dania, one from JamiaTaleemateIslamia, one from Jamia Anwar-ul-Aloom and one from Ittehad-ul-Madaris were also declared as fake.

Special cases include the people who submitted the Fake international Degrees maybe they were thinking that their international degrees were too Elite to be checked. The fake degrees or degrees from Unrecognized Universities were submitted from Winona State University of USA, International University of America, Eire International University and from Stafford University.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has taken action against 24 of the fake degree holders and other cases are subject to be punished soon. The supreme court of Pakistan has made the history by taking actions against parliamentarians, it is a sign that a good and educated Pakistan is near.


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