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Gold Jewellry Design And History


Iqueras-Couture-Bridal-Jewellry-Collection-2012-2Jewellry is a personal adornment for girls and women that they can wear on party, wedding and casually. Jewellry is in the form of bracelets, brooches, rings, earrings and necklaces which is made by stones, shells, beads and metal. Today’s hand-made Jewellry is now fashion in Pakistan. Artificial Jewellry is now trend then gold Jewellry.

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The history of the Jewellry is very very old like some 40,000 years ago. Infect the history of Jewellry if from the very beginning of mankind. In each and every ancient history of multi nations, it reveals that women of all the societies used to wear the Jewellry. Either it was made of clay, stones, bones, teeth, or metal like gold, silver, ivory or gemstones. In some nations like Egyptians of more than 5000 years ago the women used to wear the Jewellry for keeping away the evil powers from them. It was there the religious thought that Jewellry saved them from all the evil powers. As well as after their death their Jewellry was also kept in their graves for the same purpose. In some other societies more than 7000 years ago the Jewellry was also used like clothes. They used to dress up themselves with the Jewellry of bronze and some other metals. In the history of roman societies we observe that women of that age used to wear the Jewellry for showing their wealth and power.
Now a day, the same thinking is being grown up in our modern society to used heavy Jewellry of gold, diamonds and platinum, just to show off their wealth as well as their power. Now a day, Jewellry become a curse as a huge number of girls our sitting/living in their parent houses without marriage as where parents have no capacity to make Jewellry for their daughters as a dowry. If our society especially social media make a war against dowry then number of girls may be married and their parents will become happy and prosperous.


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