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Google Android Suspended For Huawei


Huawei Growing Reason?

Or Something Spying issue?

Huawei popularity growing day by day and its take over the apple iphones. Huawei become the 2nd largest selling mobile phone all over the world this year but after Google Android suspended for Huawei then it surely hit back and reverse everything to zero. Its one of the biggest mobile compnay all over the world after Samsung. Huawei is Chinese based company.

This week Google announced that they are going to to suspend the all Google services and ending the business with Huawei. This news and act by Google reverse all the success to failure of Huawei which gain in last few years. US have fear that Chinese company Huawei spy them.


Current Huawei mobile phone user would continue to use the Goolge services like Google Play Store but in future can’t access update version of it.

“No matter what happens, no matter what kind of challenges … just smile and overcome them,” says #HONOR President George Zhao at the launch of the new #HONOR smartphones. #HuaweiFacts— Huawei Facts (@HuaweiFacts) May 22, 2019


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