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History of 23rd March 1940


23rd march and its history

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”

quaid-e-azamNations who ignore their history die soon. As Pakistani we also have a history. And every one of us today, is celebrating this great day, 23rd March. We celebrate this day every year in the memory of the outstanding accomplishment of the Muslim of Indo-Pak sub-continent before separation. It is the day of the ‘’Revolution of Pakistan”.

This day is written in golden letters in the history of Pakistan. Years ago, on 23rd March 1940, at Lahore’s Iqbal Park, a resolution took place under our great leader Quid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It was Muslim League’s 27th session that took place for three days i.e. from 22nd of March to 24th of March

In that session the Muslims of Pakistan passed a resolution in which they demanded a separate homeland for them. Pakistan resolution was in fact, the formal statement of the Muslim league in that session.


All-India-Muslim-Leage-Working-Committee-in-Lahore-1940Lahore-Pakistan-ResolutionThey demanded the areas where Muslims are in greater number to be separated for others. Many prominent leaders supported this idea along with a major number of Muslims themselves. These areas would be independent and sovereign. A.K Fazul ul haq presented this proposal.

At first it was called ‘’the resolution of Lahore’’ but later on it became the “The resolution of Pakistan.’’ In 1941, this resolution became the part of Muslim League.

To commemorate this great day, a 60 m tall monument called Minar-e-Pakistan is built at Iqbal Park, Lahore. It is a national holiday for the Pakistan to celebrate the day. Pakistanis memorialize the day with zeal and zest. Pakistanis arrange various ceremonies annually on this day. They fully honor the day and enjoy the festivities both on national and international level.  The goal to celebrate is always the same which is such magnificent declaration is directly responsible for our freedom and liberty.

In the present era, we must understand the true spirit of such days like the one today, 23rd March, to play a part in building a better, blooming, and brisk Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.


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