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Honda N-One vs Daihatsu Mira Comparison Prices, Specifications and Fuel Consumption


Now we here to solve your confusion about purchasing Daihatsu Mira or Hona N One. We brings up here with another comparison of Japanese Import Car in Pakistan.

Both car best for used inside city in narrow roads and rush areas due to their sizes and fuel consumption. Now first we look at the market demand. before purchasing any car first you must research which car have more demand than others.

Just like Toyota Vitz, Honday City, Suzuki Mehran, Toyota XLi and GLI have good market demand and sell out in good price in less time.

The other thing which important to know before purchasing is its fuel consumption. if you going to buy a small car thats mean your earning not too much to afford heavy fuel consume cars like 1.8, 1.3 power cars.

The third and important thing you must know the auto parts of cars available from every where easily. If a car auto parts not available easily then its auto parts price also would be high.

These were the tips to buy car that you must know before buying.

We already write article on Daihatsu Mira prices, specification Review.

So we here first discuss on Hona N One.

There are two types you found  Honda N-One and Honda N-WGN. Both Cars installed Honda Earth Dreams engine which 660cc. Honda N-One launched by Japan in 2012 and then later in same year N-WGN also launched. Both the cars designed and built for only Japan thats why brand new Honda N-One and Honda N-WGN available only in Japan. That’s why in Pakistan these available in used which also called refurbished.

Video Review of Honda N-One

Picture of Honda N-One and Honda N-WGN

Difference between Honda N-One and N-WGN

If you are new buyer and don’t know about the cars much and you want to know the difference between Honda N-One and N-WGN look wise then its very easy. Honda N-One roof would be different color than other body car color and Honda N-WGN would be painted all in one color mean if car body color white then complete car include roof would be same white. Other side in Honda N-One the story different the body car would be different than car roof color.


 Honda N-One vs Daihatsu Mira

Now come to the point and the main purpose of this article which help to choice between Honda N-One and Daihatsu Mira.

Mira vs N-One Out Look

Mira length overall 3395 mm and Honda N-One length 3395 mm. So both have same length. 4 doors. Mira height 1500mm and N-One height 1610mm. Width N-one has 1475 which same as Mira. Wheel size of Mira 13 inches and N-One 14 inches.

Video Review of Daihatsu Mira

Daihatsu Mira Picture

Mechanical Review Mira vs N-One

Transmission of Honda N-one automatic but in mira both transmission available manual and automatic. Engine both cars same 658cc of 3 cylinders. Engine power of Honda N-One 58 hp @ 7300 RPM and Mira have 49 hp @ 7300 RPM.

Fuel system both EFI. Fuel tank of Mira 36 L and Honda N-One 35 L. Both car have disc brakes.

Fuel Consumption Mira vs N-One

Both car have petrol fuel type. Honda N-one have good fuel consumption its about 26KM per liter in city and 28Km per liter on highway where otherside in mira 20Km/L in city and 22Km/L on high way

Inside view of Honda N-One

Inside View of Daihatsu Mira


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