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How to Buy and Sell Properties in Pakistan


In Pakistan the property and construction work so much profitable and people doing  business and this business growing year by year. As population growing and the demand of small homes also growing year by year. Many people selling their agriculture lands and making the societies. Societies culture also growing due to safety point of view that also another reason of growing real estate business in Pakistan. Another reason is joint family system vanished day by day. So that’s why people looking for separate homes. Although its not good for our environment as pollution increasing in our atmosphere and trees are cutting through out all over Pakistan. That’s why Prime minister Pakistan Imran Khan start tree plantation campaign all over Pakistan and appeal to all Pakistani’s participate this campaign.

In real estate business one thing very rare that from poor people to rich people work together in this business. Although in many business poor are rich connected in a single business indirectly but in  real estate business both work together.

Anyways property sell and purchase business growing as per demand in market and people making money through this business. Property dealers involve in this dealing and they charges 1% or 2% as commission from buyer and seller of total amount of selling price. For example your property price 50 lacs(5000000) Rupees. You and property dealer agree on 1% commission then you need to pay 50000/- Rupees to him. If you and property dealer agree on 2% then it you need to pay 1 lac Rupees.

Formula of 1% or 2%:

Selling PriceX(multiply)/100

5,000,000 X 1/100 = 50,000


So on 1% commission 50,000 Rs commission of property dealer.

If no property dealer involve this dealing of selling and purchasing properties then as a buyer you need to verify these things

  1. As a buyer verify property ownership for this you need to go any patwari office.
  2. Buyer must be with you and he/she must have its original NIC card.
  3. When everything verify then follow these steps which also written on tahseel office. So must read these points and carefully then buy or sell property.
  4. All the points of guideline written in tahseel office of your city.

Seller Property Guidelines

  1. Before transferring property you must take complete money from buyer.
  2. Never compromise on this issue take complete money before transferring property.

Buyer Property Guidelines:

  1. Before paying amount verify ownership of property completely from Patwari. Never buy doubtful property.

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