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How To Insult a Pakistani? What! Are you Serious


Yes We here talking about How to insult a Pakistani mean how to tease a Pakistani. Its really interesting if you coming from abroad and someone call you

Oye mummy daddy bachay

So what you feeling at that time, you will obviously head down and go away.

So you must know how you insult them in reply if you want its necessary.

Top things which really disturb Pakistani and they feel insult

  1. If you have a good friend of sect Shia and you have very good friendship with him. So you can call him/her

Oye Khatmal

But before this you must assure you have good friendship and you know each other for a long time.

Note: After tease him/her you must say sorry to him.

2. This only for married male friends. If your friend not giving you time and you really in anger you can call him

Oye zan mureed, Oye biwi ka ghulam, Oye joru kay ghulam, biwi ma ghusa rahio kabhi hamain bhi lift kara lia ker.

3. If your friend handsome and looking good then you can tease to call

Oye mummy daddy bachay

4. If you give something to learn to anyone and he/she not understand then you can call him/her

Jahil ha yar tu

5. If you give a assignment to anyone and he/she didn’t completed and you should call him/her

Yar koi kam nehi hota tum sa, Kisi kam ka nehi ho


6. If you feel someone who your best friend not giving you treat and showing his/her miser behavior so you should say

Oye Sheikh na ban Kanjoos.

7. Now come to the most debatable topic of politics in Pakistan. You can tease or insult your friend by their choice of political parties. If your friend in from PML N then you say

GO NAWAZ GO, Patwario

If he from PTI you can say

Poti Aye, Ro Imran Ro, Yahoodi agent

If he from PPP you can say

Chor, Zardari chor,

If he from MQM you can say

Bhai log, Raw agent, Karachi ko barbad kernay walay.

8. To insult a Pakistani you can do it by his/her physical appearance.

if he fat then you said kaddu, Motay, Kali Churail, Mota Bandar, Oppo, Lambutri.

9. You can insult a Pakistani by do a prank on him/her just like these videos

Note: You try these all memes to your best friends not with strangers.


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