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Idea Croron Ka – Best Program For Starter


Idea Croron Ka  a Program on air on NEO Channel. The theme of this program is the new or old talent who have good ideas for business come to the program and ask for investment from different CEO who also sitting there in program Idea Croron Ka.

Very Interesting and unique idea which can boost and motivate talented people who have ideas but lake of investment. Main purpose of the program to boost Pakistan industry and Pakistan investment.

This program Idea Croron Ka host by  Nabeel A. Qadeer who Anchor / Concept Editor at Neo Tv Network, Director of Entrepreneurship at Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and Joint Director Entrepreneurship & Enterprise Development at Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).


You can contact Nabeel through his facebook id.

Many renowned company CEO’s come to program and listen the starter and give them offer. Some times they reject the idea and ask them to improve your program and get some experience. They also give them good ideas to improve the work.

So over all this program Idea Croron Ka is very interesting and motivated program to groom the Pakistani talent.

Best Of Luck from Idea Croron Ka. Our good wishes for this program.

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