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Information About Labour Day In Pakistan


Labour Day History

There was a new day of sun arise the day was 1st May 1886 all the people were busy in doing work but suddenly there was bad news arise in Chicago the state of United States. The news was about labours that the American police suddenly open fire on labours. When investigate this matter then its clear that the purpose of firing on labour is started when labour raise voice for their rights. The raise of voice due to they claim to education. This attitude was heart breaking by police and they fired them and killed six labours so that’s why 1st may a day to celebrate to giving rights to labour. In this incident more than 60 labours were wounded.

Labour Day in Pakistan

On 1st May annually in Pakistan its Public holiday every year.

Labour Day Date:

Labour day Date is 1st May Of every year


In holy Quran, ALLAH said that ” hard worker is friend of ALLAH ” Hazrat Muhammad P. B. U. H gave a message through his practical examples Once in Ghazwa-e-Khundaq Hazrat Muhammad P. B.U.H work with sahabah. He helped the sahabah in digging the khundaq.


Now a days there is no rights giving our labour we just see that the burden of work on labour is too much and the salary is not too good enough. So no one taking notice of this cruel behavior of our society. No one taking action for labour rights development.

Labour existence is very important for us there is no value of labour in our country that’s why we are not moving towards development first we give the rights for labour I think there is many things we need to do for labours.

Suggestions For Labours Right

  1. Firstly we give rights to labour some peoples are beautifully said “There is no value of labour There is no development in country” I think In Pakistan there is one era of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto which is focusing on labour. He announced the bonus when he was prime minister.
  2. We should focus on their children education. We must give free education to poor people kids so they also become the part of successful Pakistan.
  3. We also should give them bonuses to the event like Eid so they can make new dresses for their family.
  4. Salary Of a Labour minimum of 8 hours work must be 600 Rupees PKR.

Labour Day Speech in Urdu


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