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Me too Movement For Secure Woman From Sexual Harassment


Civil rights activist Tarana Burke is African-American who also founder of Me too movement which started in 2006 When she got sexually harassment.

This movement give her relief and also give confidence to other ladies because after this movement they not feel they alone. Sexual harassment normally done with working woman and the victims always silent due to man in power in our society. The image of woman if went wrong once in  our society then its difficult to manage again positive.

This movement initially not getting too much attention after after few years its getting attention from other woman who suffering from such cases.

Last year in 2017 many actresses also complaint against the film producers  regarding sexual harassment.

Harvey Weinstein is hollywood movies producer and co-founder of entertainment company Miramax. Angelina Jolie is one of the actress who complaint of accusation with other actresses also confirm the same thing happened with them  too like Uma Thurman and Rose McGowan.


In Pakistan Meesha Shafi is one of the first showbiz lady who complaint for sexual harassment by  actor and singer Ali Zafar. Ali Zafar is one of Pakistani guy who also work in Bollywood movies too.

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After this complaint by Meesha Shafi many other showbiz personalities agree with her and some support Ali Zafar.



Meesha Shafi is not one and only woman who face his situation we normally heard that the boss had affair with their secretary but its doesn’t mean that all the bosses are same. In our society woman come out for job in compulsion. Normally they come out for job when no one in their home for earn money, they actually make money to run their house and support family. But in our society people thoughts so negative they think that if she come out for job that mean she need s e x. In other hand actually she supporting their family financially.

#Metoo movement give some relief for such woman who suffering from such cases but its not common and some are not aware from this movement. We must awareness of such movement which make for better development of human in our society.

Kangana Ranaut from Bollywood also support this #MeToo movement and said

It’s a deliberate stand that I have taken against issues that I strongly condemn, issues like physical abuse, exploitation, sexual harassment and pay disparity. I am prepared for all the fights that would come my way.



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