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Meera Real Name and Age With Complete Profile


MeeraReal Name of Meera is Irtiza Rubab is a Pakistani silver screen actress and also model. Meera is now among the list of most controversial stars of Pakistan in 2015. She’s now the joking stock due to his funny English talking style as well as words. She never skip a single chance to come on the screen.

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For last few years, Meera’s age was a suspense for anyone. Opposed to this of the picture, the actresses usually want to celebrate her 32nd bday every year as well as twofold in each year. Every year the woman stated to to the audience that she’s of 32 years old. However, the actual bday date of Meera has been exposed and it is her marriage certificate.



Based on the marriage certificate issued by the state of New York, Meera’s birth date is May 12, 1977 while her husband Captain Naveed Perveez was born on December 10, 1978 and 1 year younger to Meera. And so, the actual age of Meera is 38 not 32. And next time if Meera seen on screen celebrating her 32nd birthday then do not neglect that she’s of 39 in 2016.
One more news is about her controversial marriage news. In past, Meera had completely refused that she has no relationships with Captain Naveed Perveez and also that he is not her husband. Even so, her father-in-law Khalid Perveez had verified that Meera is his daughter-in-law as well as part of his family.

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Khalid Perveez released the picture of his son Captain Naveed Perveez and Meera taken after the Nikah ceremony held in New York City on October 31, 2013. If you will browse her age at Google, it’ll reveal to you July-17-1976. So, based on CNIC her age is 37 year-old but according to online search engine Google she’s of 38.


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