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Mobilink Mobile Internet Offer


Company: Mobilink Jazz

Topic: Mobile Internet

Mobilink Jazz introduced fast mobile internet package. Mobilink claim that its the fastest internet package.

Mobilink Jazz offers unlimited internet bundles suited to the needs of you.

Here are the complete internet bundle offer details.

My favorite is Daily Bundle Offer through which u pay 9.99 Rs daily and unlimited internet offer(200 Mb is fair policy applied).

How to get it:

You have to subscribe Mobile Internet bundle by dialing*114*1#

By Dialing *114*2*2# you can check the remaining MB’s.

Terms and Condition:

  1. Tax is not applicable on Mobile Internet usage & subscription charges.
  2. Jazz Daily Mobile Internet Bundle, Late Night Offer come with auto re-subscription facility, i.e. if you want to continue using the bundle you will not have to re-subscribe through *114*1#, *114*2# every day.
  3. Fair Usage Policy of 200 MBs applies to daily and nightly bundles.
  4. Fair Usage policy of 500 MBs applies to Weekly Bundle

Mini Bundle:

Mini bundle offer details are here

Note: Following are Subscription, To Un-subscribe, Bundle information, Balance Inquiry and other Information strings/commands for the bundle.

Balance Inquiry Details:


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