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Motorway Police Fight and arrest criminals


The criminals who have been tortured in the motorway have been arrested. From their mobile found Hamza Shahbaz, Saad Rafiq, Rafique Rajwana, yousuf Raza Gilani and other celebraties pictures with him.

Gojra: Motorway police sub-inspector Syed Qalab Abbas Shah and his associate officer stopped a van and asked for driving his driver’s license and driver’s vehicle, but the driver could not present any paper in which the motor officer If the driver wanted to do so, the driver started giving threats to the serious consequences, and called on his colleagues and called on his colleagues, on which his companion Gajjora Tall reached Plaza while infringing on a motor vehicle in two vehicles. And when he came, the motorway police started to abduct and uniforms its uniforms, and they also had fire weapons. Thousands of officers fled to Faisalabad, killing the officers, but other motorcycles, while taking action, arrested nine 9 suspects including their vehicles and arms, and was lodged against them in Faisalabad. R has been entered. Among the accused’s mobile phones, there are pictures of his country’s influential political figures, including former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, Bilawal Bhutto, Hamza Shahbaz and others. There are pictures of Shobz’s actors. My Chief Justice, Mr. Justice, is requesting that they take notice of every incident as they take notice of every cruelty, also take notice of this incident and bring the offender to infidelity. Everything in the country is witnessing that Pakistan Motorway Police is the only freelance agency of the country and officers and employees of this institution protect the lives and property of the people who travel in national shirts in all kinds of seasons, Make their journey safe. And so only do actions against the violators of the law. My Chief Justice of Pakistan as well as the Chief Officers of the Motorway Police is requesting that he should take notice of this incident strictly and punish the criminals as punishment, regardless of how wealthy they are or who they belong.  If the motorway police officers do not get justice, make sure that the officers of this department who do not care about their lives, protect the lives and property of the people, their morale will be drowned and then there is no difference in this department and in the police station. Will stay In this post I am also posting pictures of criminals who are made with different political figures and actors in the country. My readers also request that share this post more and more, that the Chief Justice reaches the siege and the public can find out about these dirty eggs.



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