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MQM Sindh Government with PPP
MQM may join Sindh Government with PPP

MQM may join Sindh Government with PPP


ppp-mqm-sindhgovernmentMQM is the second largest political party in Sindh and the 4th biggest party on national level. Hence no government of Sindh work’s smoothly without the help of MQM. In the former PPP federal government MQM was the coalition partner but in election of 2013 PPP got sufficient seats in Sindh assembly which made the government without the help of any party, but since peaceful environment couldn’t be maintained in the province in the absence of MQM as MQM was constantly protesting in and outside the assembly and alleging the Sindh government for target killings of their workers continuously and these allegations were sabotaging the efforts and performance of Sindh government.


Ex-President and chairperson of PPP Mr. Asif Ali Zardari took this matter on a serious note and contacted the chief of MQM Altaf Hussain and on his instructions MQM coordination committee including Governor Sindh Mr. Ishrat-ul-Ibad had a meeting in Dubai with Mr. Asif Zardari. According to PPP spokesman Mr. Rehman Malik
ex-interior minister, the talks were held in a pleasant and agreeable atmosphere and good news will be heard from MQM in near future. He also said both parties were together in the recent past for peace and solidarity and worked together strengthening the democratic system in the province .MQM spokesman Mr. Haider Abbas Rizwi said that MQM has not decided for joining the Sindh government as yet. Mr. Rizwi further told that it is not necessary for MQM to join Sindh government in the result of meeting held with Mr. Zardari in Dubai; instead MQM is seeking good working relationship with all political parties like PMLN, PPP, and JUI etc.

Another PPP provincial minister Manzoor Wassan claimed of another  version of collaboration of PPP and MQM in Sindh government in very near future. He also said 5 ministries have also being offered to MQM including the ministry of local government and finance ministry.

On the other hand Syed Khursheed Ali Shah, opposition leader in national assembly rules out MQM joining in Sindh government. According to him PPP is a democratic party and it would be a difficult decision for his party to include and invite MQM in the government until Altaf Hussain, MQM chief takes back his statement for inviting army in politics.


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