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Murree To Muzaffarabad Azad kashmir Vlog Traveling


Another Vlog by Ali Harun traveling from Murree to Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir. Beautiful traveling across Neelam River and beautiful green mountains. Roads are smooth and excellent built.

My another try to boost the confidence of Disabled people. My wish all the disabled people also live with the confidence  and normal life without any problem. i drive whole from Multan to islamabad then Islamabad to Murree and then Murree to Muzaffarad and its because of you to boost your self confidence(indicating Handicap people).  Ali Harun Says


Another aim of this journey is explore Pakistan beautiful places. This traveling from Murree CMH road to Kohala Bridge and then Muzaffarabad Azad Kashmir Then we also go for lunch Marco Polo Hotel. The staff of Marco polo hotel was so much cooperative.  You must have NIC Card before entering Azad kashmir so if you have any plan to visit Muzaffarad then you must carry NIC card with you even ladies also.


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