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New Islamabad International Airport Pictures, inauguration and Name


New Islamabad International Airport is the name of new airport in Islamabad which completed after almost 11 years. This project was announced in late 2005 by civil aviation.

The new Islamabad International Airport can handle more than nine million passengers yearly. Lot of delay to open this New Islamabad International Airport.

Twin Cities Rawalpindi and Capital Islamabad use both this New Islamabad International Airport. Civil Aviation announced on 1st may the new Islamabad Airport starting its services publicly.

Land Area and Cost

The cost of land which buy in 2005 for new International Islamabad Airport was 3242 acres and price was Rs 2.5 billion in November 2005.  The area of New Islamabad Airport built in more than 3200 acres of land where you find passenger terminal building, 2 runways (28L/10R, 28R/10L), apron, parking bay area for wide-body aircraft and also as well taxiways. In other hand there also you will find  like cargo terminal, fuel farm, as well as a fire and rescue facility. There are also air traffic control complex. Aircraft control complex can handle easily all new generation type aircraft including Boeing 747 -8, Aircraft A380, A350 XWB.

The Foundation laid by former president and army chief Pervez Musharraf and Prime Minister Shuakat Aziz on 2007.

Who Construct New Islamabad Airport?

This project was joint between Capital Development Authority (CDA), National Highway Authority (NHA) and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and designed by a French company and a china company.

French Company name Aéroports de Paris Ingenierie (ADPi) and China company name CPG Corporation of Singapore.

New Islamabad Airport Location

The Location of the new Islamabad airport is near the Fateh Jang Attock and few kilometers from the Islamabad interchange on M1/M2, If you coming from Islamabad then its 20 km from Zero Point and 23 km distance from Saddar, Rawalpindi.

New Islamabad International Airport Google map.

new Islamabad international airport google map

Cost of New Islamabad International Airport

The cost of new Islamabad International Airport about 105 billion PKR.

New Islamabad International Airport Map

Here is satellite view of new airport.

New Islamabad International Airport Flight Schedule

The Flight schedule of new Islamabad airport is here


New Islamabad International Airport Pictures

New Islamabad International Airport Inside Latest Pics


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